General Questions

Can I use a credit or debit card outside of the US?
Yes, ATMs are available all over the world and most stores and businesses accept American credit cards for payment (American Express is not always accepted).
Can family members and/or friends join the soccer tour?

Yes, family members are always welcome. Our tours offer a wonderful variety of cultural experiences that can be enjoyed together with the players.

Will my cell phone work abroad?

Most cell phones will not work in Europe because they need to be triband and have a European provider. However, upon arrival at the airport you can purchase a local SIM card to have cellular data during your trip.

Do you offer free “spots” for the staff/coaches traveling with the soccer team?

Yes, one complimentary package is given for every 15 players who purchase a travel package (flight not included) on a soccer tour, with a minimum of one per soccer team.

Can I modify the packages offered with the portfolio? How can I get a quote?

Yes, Futbol First creates customized packages according to your needs and budget. We will take care of every single detail in order to provide you the best experience possible. Please complete the form located in the contact section and we will send you the best travel package based on your requirements.

Is there a minimum of people in order to reserve a soccer tour?

Yes, we have a requirement that there must be a minimum of 32 travelers per trip including (players, coaches/staff and family members).

Are the programs that you offer for male’s teams or female’s teams?

All our programs are designed for both male and female soccer teams.

Do you offer soccer travel assistance at the final destination?

Yes, with each soccer travel program you will be accompanied by a local chaperon who is a bilingual Futbol First tour representative. We make sure all chaperons go through an official police background check prior to joining our staff.

Flights and transfers

How is transportation handled at the final destination?

Futbol first provides top quality private transportation for all the activities included in the soccer travel program. The Futbol First tour representative will coordinate all the logistical aspects pertaining to transport during the trip so the travel group will not have to worry about coordinating taxis, ubers, etc.

Can I make my own air travel arrangements?

Yes, you and all travelers will be responsible for booking the flight and coordinating all the travel arrangements. The Futbol first staff will advise on the best airport and pick up time for the arrival date.

Do I need a passport to travel?

Yes, it is required to have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining in order to travel to Spain. It is your responsibility to obtain a valid passport before joining the program as without it you can’t travel overseas.

Do I need a visa in order to participate in the program?

No visa is required for EU, US or Canada passport holders for a stay up to 90 days. If your passport does not pertain to any of these nations you will need to inquire on the European Union website about the visa requirements for your respective nationality.

Do I need travel insurance?

All players must have their own medical coverage and make sure that their provider covers them overseas. The organization provides only excess coverage (does not cover deductibles) after your insurance policy has been utilized.

Accommodations and meals

What if a soccer player has a food allergy?

Futbol First will ensure every food allergy is well-taken care off and the player still receives a nutritious diet. It is very important that you provide the allergies or special needs of the player to us prior to departure.

Which different options for accommodations do you offer? And meals?

Futbol First chooses accommodations with great care at our different soccer travel destinations. We offer many lodging possibilities (budget hotels, exclusive hotels, residence or sports centers) depending on the budget of each group. Most player residences we currently work with have received very positive feedback from all previous travel groups. Meal arrangements will vary between only breakfast, half board (lunch and dinner) or full board.