MIC Tournament

The MIC Tournament is probably one of the best soccer youth Tournaments in the globe. The formula is to give a chance to the players to achieve their aspirations, mixing the dreams of the modest teams with the professionalism of the top teams around the world. Your team will play against International Academies, be exposed to a high standard level of soccer and at the same time enjoy the culture and beauty of Barcelona.​

Donosti Cup

The Donosti Cup is considered the second most prolific international Tournament in Europe. Teams from more than 30 different countries participate in the Tournament every year, which is held in the beautiful San Sebastian. The stylish city located on the Basque coast of northern Spain is well known for its exemplary cuisine and white sand beaches. Your team will also have the unique opportunity to train with La Liga team Real Sociedad in their headquarters in Zubieta.​


“It was one of the best tournaments I’ve experienced. All the games were tough. Our games were against opponents from all over the world. My favorite game in the Donosti Cup was when we played Benfica Academy next to Real Sociedad Reale Arena. My favorite part of the program had to be the high level soccer, the amazing city and meeting great people. Thank you FF.”

Evan Hudak Player Midwest United FC

“Everything ran smooth, nothing was delayed and I think things were organized and planned very well. San Sebastián is an amazing city. I love the culture! Great food, awesome beaches, good surfing, so much to do and of course amazing futbol! San Sebastián is definitely one of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited. Also, training at Real Sociedad is also one of my top favorite parts of the trip!”

Ace Davis Player Louisiana TDP Elite

“The trip was very well organized! By Futbol First. We really enjoyed staying with our teammates. We bonded a lot in our dorm and on the field. It helped us become a strong team and we loved it!. We think that San Sebastian is really pretty! It’s the perfect temperature. It’s a very beautiful place with beautiful beaches! We definitely loved living with everyone, meeting new people and making a lot of great friendships along the way!”

Kaida & Chiara Mizzo Arlington Soccer Association

“My son had the greatest experience of his life on his trip to Spain to play in the MIC tournament with Futbol First. Unfortunately I was not able to go but we felt comfortable enough with the Futbol first coaches for him to go by himself even though he was only 11. The coaches took such great care of him. With their guidance he came back not only a better soccer player but also a better person. He has so much more confidence and an understanding of what it means to be accountable to a team. It is a lifetime of lessons and experiences he will never forget.”

Steve Mclaurin Parent

“The MIC tournament was unforgettable for the players and families - with world class competition and multi cultural interactions. The Futbol First arrangements were top notch - clearly executed by a team of experts who understand how to make youth sports events extend beyond the field into cultural and historical experiences - something the entire family enjoyed”

Carrie Sumlin Parent