December 11, 2019
ISL Travel Management hosts ISL Experience Trips for over 1,000 participants in the United Kingdom and Spain over 9 day International soccer trips.

ISL continues to exceed expectations and clear loftier benchmarks each time a trip is planned and executed. Our ultimate goal for our clients is to give them the chance to make memories that will last a lifetime, and this past week was no exception as our Travel Management Team wrapped up another successful international trip, only this time they were in two separate countries at once. The scale of an undertaking like this can not be understated as ISL Travel Management once again set higher expectations.

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There is no denying it, soccer is now the fastest growing and most popular sport for athletes throughout the United States, so it is imperative that a company like ISL exists to help nurture that growth by exposing athletes to the highest levels of world soccer. The goal is to provide a seamless and eye opening experience for youth participants to be able to test their skills on the field against top competition.

As our reputation for unparalleled experiences continues to spread around the world, new opportunities and doors are opening for us to be able to cast a further net within global soccer clubs and brands to gain behind the scenes access that very few have the chance to encounter. Be it training at official facilities with club coaches, meet and greets with professional players and managers, to tours of stadium’s, including player locker rooms, as well as attending a professional home game with incredible seats it truly is a trip that will not be soon forgotten.

That said, over the course of 10 days close to 1,000 players and their family members made the trip from different parts of the U.S. to one of two destinations, Barcelona and Manchester, for a whirlwind of a trip. ISL’s strong partnerships with Manchester City FC and FC Barcelona, it provided opportunities unmatched to anywhere else in the world. Players were treated to training at world class facilities in preparation for tackling top European academies while representing Team ISL, and lastly taking in cultural activities, sightseeing and enjoying local fair.

As soon as it all started, it was quickly over, but not before new friendships were formed over a common passion for the beautiful game, making this trip that much more memorable for all involved. 

We love what we do in making an impact on the lives of our clients and we look forward to the next trip coming up soon. See how you too can experience the ISL difference and have the soccer trip of a lifetime with your loved ones.

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